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Based in Germany, zuper is a data-powered financial platform that helps people take control of their finances using a smart mobile app.

    zuper iOS App (launched January, 2017)
    zuper Android App (launched January, 2017)

We started zuper because we saw so many people turned off by banks and financial matters. But what could matter more to our lives, our dreams, our families? Money is the bedrock of our ambitions and opportunities.

We built the zuper apps to provide a money management platform that allows our users to visualize their spending, learn about finance and discover important financial opportunities.

Our users have multiple accounts, and zuper offers a single tool to manage a global view of their financial health.

Inside our app, users securely connect one or more bank accounts to see a personalized newsfeed of financial education as well as their own income and spending updates and money visualizations.

Everything from groceries to entertainment is automatically categorized for fast, easy budgeting, and our app makes recommendations to help our users save money. They can also send money to friends or retailers, and our push messages make it easy to see a digest of daily expenditures.

Right now, we’re positioning ourselves as the universal interface for retail banking services and a €68.3 billion market in Germany alone.

With a combination of transparency, safety, convenience and smart functionality, we are giving our users the innovation and value we've all come to expect from our technology.

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