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We use the zuper app, too, so we're just as concerned about security as you are.  

Our goal is to comply with all applicable safety standards of our industry and exceed standards wherever possible.  

Protecting your data is a major task that we take very seriously, but it is important to note that transferring data over the Internet (for example, in email) can be subject to security vulnerabilities. It is not possible to completely protect data from access by third parties.


How does zuper ensure my security?

What happens to my money when I use zuper?

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Your money stays in the same place: the bank where you entrusted it. The difference when using zuper is that you get a quick and easy view into where your money is going. Maybe you'll see an overdraft interest payment, or you might notice that you're paying for a subscription you no longer need or want.

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Why do you need my name and email?

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We only use your name to greet you, so you can use a nickname if you prefer.  

We use your email address to authenticate that you are actually who you claim to be. (Authentication) We also email you for important service and security updates. 

Your email address is additionally used for password recovery and to contact you about new services and features. You can unsubscribe from zuper newsletters at any time.

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