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Do More with Your Money

Manage all your bank accounts with one app

Set budgets and track spending

Save time and money

Zuper App

Everything in one place

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Zuper App

Everything in one place

Check your balance, view transactions and send money easily.

Keep track of your spending

See where your money goes. Stay on top of it all with smart notifications.

Stay in control

Keep track of your money and budget for your daily life.

Make smarter decisions
Use smart insights to reach your goals.

Do more with your money.

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Really useful free app. I love the account notifications!
A Google user

Multi-Banking App For All Accounts

Do online banking whenever and wherever you want. The multi-banking app Zuper works with almost every bank account from Germany and Austria.

Whether you want to check your balance, see transaction details, or make transfers, the Zuper Financial Coach lets you manage everything in a single app.

Spending Tracker App

Get a real-time overview of your income and expenses. Know exactly how much money you spend and on what you are spending it. Check your statistics right within Zuper and discover savings opportunities.

Create budgets and receive proactive notifications when you reach your limits or spend more money than usual.

Budgeting App

The Zuper Financial Coach comes with a free budgeting app. We have rethought the budgeting process and adapted it for a completely mobile experience.

Each transaction is automatically assigned to an expense category, so you don’t need to worry about tracking every little expense. Simply set up a budget for the categories you need and Zuper takes care of the rest.

Account Balance App

Check your account balances for more than 4000 supported bank accounts in Germany and Austria.

Zuper easily integrates with all of your bank accounts, credit cards, and savings products. Once you have connected an account, Zuper will automatically update your balances, so you always know exactly how much money you have across all of your accounts.

Certified Security

Do more with your money.

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